Букмекерская контора 1xbet ставки на спорт спартак севилья

букмекерская контора 1xbet ставки на спорт спартак севилья

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Internship Spotlight: Blue Rock Design Build

“I enjoy the process of molding tomorrow’s leaders, especially in my own industry.” 

– Brett Abbott, mentor & Blue Rock Design Build owner

‘My internship has really
reinforced my goal of being an architect.’
Haley, 12th grade student leader

Haley interns at Blue Rock Design Build, a licensed architectural firm serving three states and located in Fort Smith. She is designing and building a ½” scale model of a tiny house using basswood. The home has a living space, kitchen/dining, master bedroom, bathroom, kid’s room, and loft and will house a family of 4 people. Haley is learning about traditional wood framed construction and connection methods as well as the process of designing for scale.

Haley’s mentor, Brett Abbott, mentors Haley with great enthusiasm. “I am able to open my student’s eyes to aspects of the profession of architecture that she may not have anticipated before she had this opportunity; whether good or bad to give her the tools she needs to be open-minded about what it is that we do.  To see her discover, learn and embrace critical and logical thinking through design is a very fulfilling and inspiring position to be in.” In addition to cultivating her skills in architectural modeling, Haley says she enjoys, ‘how to be a professional and an adult.’

Many thanks to Brett and all of our wonderful mentors for your time and dedication to our students! 

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букмекерская контора 1xbet ставки на спорт спартак севилья

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